Classes begin week of Tues. 9/8/2015


Appropriate dance wear & shoes are required for all classes. Please have all shoes and dance bags marked with student’s name.  Please do not wear dance shoes outside.  Change when you arrive.

Ballet I, II & II 1/2 - pink leotard with tan, pink or white tights.  -Ballet III - Blue Leotard and tan, pink or white tights,  Ballet IV - Black leotard and tan, pink or white tights.  Students under the age of 7, any color leotard, no attached skirts or tutu’s.  Ages 8 & over may wear wrap or pull on skirt, no tutus.  Ballet shoes required.

Tap: Any style leotard.  Tights are optional.  Boxer shorts or dance shorts may be worn over leotard.  No long pants or jeans.  Tap shoes required.

Jazz:  Any style leotard with stretch dance shorts and tights.  No long pants or jeans. Jazz shoes required

Tumbling:  Any color leotard, no skirts or tutus.  May wear boxer or dance shorts over leotard.  No shoes, bare feet only!  If wearing tights, must be convertible or footless.

Pre-Dance/Tumb:  Any color leotard.  No attached skirts or tutu’s.  Ballet shoes required.


Dance is a progressive learning process and each child progresses at a different rate.  Technique comes easier to some than others.  It is possible for some students to remain in the same level for 2-3 sessions while others need only 1 session.  The child’s placement is based solely on a child’s progression and is the teacher’s duty to evaluate each student’s progress.  Therefore, the first month of the new session will be an evaluation period.  Within that month the instructor has the final say as to whether to move a student to another class.


Parents are expected to pick up their child immediately after class.  The studio is not responsible for students left at the studio after class.  Fabulous Talent will not be held responsible for injuries (inside or out) due to the student not adhering to the Center’s policy of not running in the dance room, lobby or studio’s property.  Please address any physical or emotional problems that your child may have before or during the season.  Any student with a discipline problem will be dismissed from class and tuition forfeited.  Please keep all siblings under control while in the lobby or on the premises.  We do appreciate your cooperation of the above guidelines.  Please no outside drinks or food are to be brought into the studio, except for water.